Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Talk Dirty to Me? No. Talk Cleansing, Refreshing Bliss to Me!

I'm sure Freud and his colleagues can give us all sorts of reasons for the association of sex with dirt. When someone says, "Talk dirty to me," we know what is meant, and too often we don't think twice about it. I like thinking twice about words, or three or four or five times about words and our choice of words and metaphors.

For me, sex is anything but dirty. It’s beautiful and sublime, refreshing and regenerating, magical and mystical--a source of joy and bliss. So instead of talking dirty, I say: Let us wash and bathe and shower ourselves with freshets of erotic words....with crystal streams of heightened erotic consciousness....with white water flows and rushes of sensual writing.....with swelling tides and cresting waves of poems that toss us about and turn us upside down…or stories that take us to the verge….and over...in a plunging waterfalls of ecstatic, erotic expression. (There's a good reason why Niagara Falls became a honeymoon spot.)

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