Sunday, May 31, 2009

What is Sensuality? aliveness, an openness, a curiosity to life and love and eros...a generosity of spirit, a caring touch, the arousal of all the senses, an embrace of art and attunement to the rhythms of life, its music, its poetry...a capacity to sense the soul through the body, the spirit through the flesh, and desire in a look, a caress, a's listening with sensitivity to words, the body, our's reading each other's mind and needs and desires through the simplest, slightest's being in a flow....attuned to nature...and responsive to each other mentally, emotionally,'s being graceful and's a heightened receptivity of the's a parting of lips to the kisses of the world

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  1. Sensuality to me is living in the moment as if one's eyes were closed, so that vision is then fired up through all the other senses. It's breathing through one's pores and living the moments through one's skin.